Marc Jacobsen
Research Associate
M.Soc.Sc. Political Communication & Management (2014), Copenhagen Business School, Denmark 
M.A. International Relations (2013), University of Westminster, United Kingdom 
B.Sc. Social Science & Communication (2011), Roskilde University, Denmark

Research interests: Arctic geopolitics, governance and security, potentials and risks of Arctic natural resources and the emerging shipping routes, EU-Russian energy politics, the relationship between Greenland and Denmark. 

Marc’s academic interest in the Arctic arose during his IR master studies at the University of Westminster and has, preliminarily, culminated with a dissertation about the development of the Arctic security discourse since the beginning of the Cold War. In short, the dissertation argues that there has been a significant change in the discourse from zero-sum to plus-sum thinking by the ‘Arctic Five’ with the signing of the Ilulissat Declaration as the ‘game changer’. Marc has now returned to Denmark where he currently studies towards his second Master’s degree in Political Communication & Management, which he anticipates to complete by 2014. His research at The Arctic Institute is primarily linked to the Arctic Infrastructure Survey (AIS), which will provide an overview of the key infrastructures of the Arctic littoral states in which he is contributing to the chapter on the Kingdom of Denmark.