Olin Strader
Arctic Military Strategist
M.M.A.S (2006), U.S. Army Command & General Staff College, School of Advanced Military Studies
B.S. (1987), History, Liberty University

Olin Strader is a seasoned, military strategist with experience assisting senior military leaders in developing and implementing a strategic vision for a peaceful opening of the Arctic. Olin is self-educated in Arctic affairs, specializing in defense-related Arctic matters since 2008. He was responsible for elevating the Arctic as an issue of regional concern within a major defense command, educating and organizing its staff and giving the command a prominent voice inside defense Arctic policy development circles. Olin's work has contributed across the continuum of Arctic national defense policy, strategy and plans. He has worked closely with the Canadian defense establishment, developing complementary and bilateral efforts designed to contribute to a peaceful opening of the Arctic. Olin is one of a handful of Arctic subject matter experts in uniform today. Whether in or out of uniform, Olin's personal ambition is to present concrete ways to contribute to a peaceful and responsible opening of the Arctic.