Arctic Frontiers 2012: An Interview with Kathrin Keil

by Tom Fries The Arctic Frontiers conference 2012 is coming up in Tromsø, Norway, in just a few days! Kathrin Keil, who will be a presenter in the science section of the conference and will also chair a session, was interviewed on Friday 20 January 2012 in Berlin via Skype by Tom Fries, primary content editor for the website Kathrin talked about the novelty of the Arctic as a region of study, the ways in which the Arctic exemplifies the interconnectedness of issues in our times, and how the Arctic Frontiers conference presents an opportunity to gather as a community, when she - and so many of us - are often alone within our organizations in our Arctic interest. You can find a non-flash version of the interview here.

Interview with Kathrin Keil by The Arctic Institute