Happy Holidays from The Arctic Institute

Dear Readers,

Here we are at the end of 2012, the Arctic Institute’s first full year of operation. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our work at least half as much as we have enjoyed sharing it with you. Our most important message at the end of this year is: Thank you. While we do this primarily because it is fun for us, your engagement inspires us and makes our work exciting, too. We know how rare and precious that inspiration is, so again: Thanks, from all of us to all of you. 

A lot has changed since January of 2012. We started the year with a few articles, no newsletter, and a monthly readership of about 6,000. These days, our website has a monthly readership of approximately 16,000, and our weekly newsletter goes to more than 800 subscribers in 45 countries on every continent except Antarctica. We’ve created a series of beautiful original maps and interactive graphs that help people to understand the way the ice is changing, how shipping might develop, and other issues. We’ve been quoted in or interviewed by The Economist, the Huffington Post, the popular American radio show Marketplace, and even in periodicals in other languages. We’ve given presentations in the United States, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Norway and Belgium. We’ve created an excellent footprint on Twitter as well, where we’re thankful for our 1,800 followers and our engagement with colleagues around the world.

Our team is sprinkled all over the world, and at various times we’ve had core team members in the US, Norway, Belgium, Germany and Israel. Despite the distance, our work together is easy and fun, even during the big, tough projects. In 2013, we have lots of new creative ideas we want to try out, and we hope to get to know more of you in person as well.

So again: thanks to all of you for being readers, correspondents and friends in this critical and amazing year for us. We hope you’ll join us in the year ahead, too.
Our best wishes for an amazing 2013 for you and those dear to you.

All the best,

The Arctic Institute Team